Common AssertJ assertions for Java collections

Hello! As part of Java collection series, I decided to write this small post to list some of most common assertion methods, that can be used in unit tests to work with Java collections. Common collection assertions This section presents most common assertions, used with Java collections. Examples are illustrated […]

Array based lists in Java (java.util.List)

Hello! This post provides a comprehensive review of array-based lists in Java Collections Framework and presents important lists operations. List as a data structure Before we will progress to concrete list implementations, let take a moment and understand what is a list. From a technical point of view, list is […]

What every developer should know about java.util.Collection

Hello! This post provides an overview of java.util.Collection interface, that is a root for all Java Collections Framework (except of maps). What are Java collections? This section provides a helicopter view on Java Collections Framework. It offers for developers a unified architecture for representing and manipulating collections, enabling collections to […]

Write unit tests with JUnit5 platform

Hello! This article provides a solid introduction to writting Java unit tests with the JUnit5 platform. What is unit testing? Unit testing is a level of software testing, when we test individual software components in isolation. For example, we have UserService, that may have various connected dependencies: UserRepository component to […]

Guide to Streams in Java (including after 8)

Hello! This post provides an overview of streams API in Java. It introduces a concept of stream, how to build pipelines and explores common intermediate and terminal operations. What is stream in Java? Streams were introduced in Java 8 and were updated in next releases. Documentation describes a stream as […]